Management Systems

Lime’s state-of-the-art products allow clients to interface with Lime Technology through APIs or graphical interfaces, to access accounts, to manage trading, to monitor risk, and to develop advanced strategies.

Lime Portal

Lime Portal provides our clients with a simple window into how their accounts are performing and gives logistical details regarding accounts, ownership, buying power, and more.

  • Lime’s secure front-end for real-time trading and monitoring
  • Provides real-time depth of book quotes, P&L, and order statistics
  • Trades multiple asset classes and algos

Lime Watchdog

When our clients need to enhance their risk monitoring, Lime Watchdog provides the protection they need. This web based graphical user interface allows clients to consume detailed risk metrics over their entire portfolios and be alerted when something is out of the ordinary.

  • Advanced, near real-time portfolio risk metrics (e.g. VaR) and analytics monitoring
  • Simulated portfolio shock and scenario analysis
  • Customized dashboards and risk views along with user configurable alerts
  • Supports Equities, Options, Futures, and Fixed Income

Lime Strategy Studio

The decision to buy or build is a constant choice our clients make every day. Lime Strategy Studio relieves clients of development tasks that are mundane, yet necessary, so they can focus on the aspect which is most important to their business: the strategy.

  • C++ end-to-end solution to develop, test, and deploy automated trading strategies
  • Designed to handle high volumes of order book data with low-latency
  • Data and broker agnostic