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Oct 26 2011
Lime Acquires Cactus Trading
Reprinted with permission from Traders Magazine

Lime Brokerage, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wedbush, which caters to the high frequency crowd, is buying Cactus Trading.

Cactus provides a high-performance, low-latency, multi-asset-class trading engine, designed for efficient implementation, testing and deployment of algorithmic trading strategies geared towards HFTs.

By integrating Cactus technology, Lime can now enable traders and quants to express their trading strategies in code, use that same code to back-test their strategies against historical data, simulate trading against live data, and then move to production trading. Cactus makes this process seamless by providing an intuitive event-based programming interface for handling market data which takes responsibility for all the common calculations that a trader would need.

"We are committed to investing in and developing the Lime infrastructure so that clients can focus on trading and leave the technology to us," said Jeff Bell, chief executive of Lime. "By integrating Cactus technology, Lime will now have an end-to-end solution that enables traders to develop and implement electronic trading strategies with as much ease and efficiency as possible."

The addition of Cactus will increase Lime's personnel by 10 percent and give Lime an office in Chicago, allowing it to increase its presence in the options and futures markets.

Joe Signorelli, chief executive of Cactus Trading, and David Don, chief operating officer, will become managing directors at Lime Brokerage.

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