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Principal Software Engineer
Location – Waltham, MA

Location: 404 Wyman St Suite 405 Waltham, MA 02451

Full time



Under the direction of Engineering Management, responsible for the design and development for the full product development cycle - from the requirements stage through design, testing to deployment utilizing Java, Python, Scripting, Linux/Unix, Jenkins, and GitHub. Oversee the design and architecture of product components. Contribute advanced technical architecture and design of new product and product features. Develop critical components and frameworks utilizing Java, Python, Scripting and Linux/Unix, Data Structures and Databases, Multi-threading and Multi-processing. Lead development of several back-office systems by providing technical direction, facilitating cross-team communication, and ensuring projects meet deadlines. Advocate for and train team members on engineering best practices and design patterns. Coordinate across internal departments for product development and issue triaging. Monitor day-to-day operations and coordinate responses to technical brokerage issues driven by back office systems and databases impacting fees, clearing, positions, buying power, startup and shutdown. Perform database queries and analyses as required by compliance and accounting using SQL. Maintain and update internal trading fee structure for clients on a per transaction basis. Oversee and maintain our market venue fee processing infrastructure, including processing large amounts of data to exactly match fees from market venue partners to clients using multi-threaded and multi-processing methods. Design and maintain code to integrate with FINRA's Order Audit Trail System (OATS) using Exchange Protocols & Hadoop to process a large amount of data, as well as advanced data structures and Java design patterns/generics. Create automated brokerage reports as needed by compliance, trade desk, and clearing firms based on an understanding of general market structure including exchanges, markets, orders, and Securities Clearing. Design and maintain automated systems for gathering current trading and risk data, including historic security trading activity, daily market risk parameters and security pricing data. Design and implement applications in Java and use SQL to communicate with internal databases. Use design and coding to resolve issues with performance. Use Maven automation tool for compliance and deploy using Sonatype Nexus technologies. Extend internal Python tool used to deploy, start, and shutdown, and archive production brokerage applications. Modify software to correct errors, build and improve back office Linux/Unix data processing jobs using multi-threaded and multi-processing methods. Qualify new technology for use in the back office. Develop high performance transactional systems that support our leading high-frequency trading platform. Develop code for electronic securities trading using FIX and Drop as I/O. Develop new systems software by identifying and analyzing areas for modification. Integrate new solutions into existing software and troubleshoot issues that arise with compatibility. Maintain existing systems in Java and Python by monitoring, identifying, and correcting defects that affect our real-time, electronic trading services.


Must have a Master’s Degree in Computer Science or a related field and 3 years of experience in the job offered or 3 year of software development experience.  The stated experience must include any amount of experience with the following: (1) Java, Python; (2) Linux and Unix Operating Systems; (3) Data Structures, Java Design Patterns & Generics, Relational Databases (MySQL); (4) Multi-threading and multi-processing, Big Data (Hadoop); (5) Project Management Tools, Continuous Integration/Deployment (Jenkins, Maven); (6) Leading 2+ person teams in the design, implementation, and release of work products; and (7) OATS, FIX, DropCopy, Exchange Protocols and Fee Codes, Securities Clearing.  Will accept a Bachelor’s degree and 5 years of software development experience in lieu of a Master’s degree and 3 years of experience.


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