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Lime Strategy Studio

Lime Strategy Studio is a software suite for developing, testing, and deploying multi-asset class automated trading strategies. Our unique framework offers the extremely low latency architecture, the rich interface, and the flexible connectivity for developing, testing, and deploying sophisticated automated trading strategies.

Comprehensive features:

  • Full tick-by-tick back testing, live simulation, and production trading
  • Fill Simulator for back testing and live simulation
  • Flexible market data aggregation and order book building
  • Real-time performance monitoring and results tracking
  • Normalized order management
  • Customizable strategy parameters, commands, and graphing
  • Multiple partnerships with leading data and execution resources in equities, options, futures, & currency markets



  • Minimize time to market by leveraging extensive pre-built connectivity and trading functionality
  • Expand quickly to new markets and evaluate adding new sources of data by offloading vendor and broker integrations.



  • Centralize strategy monitoring, research and performance evaluation on a single, clear user interface
  • Reduce implementation risk by using a consistent codebase throughout the lifecycle of research through production testing. Simulate, trade live in parallel from the same data inputs.



  • Use a single API for multiple asset classes and trading styles.
  • Built to be extended and customized with an experienced team available to help build trading strategies, analytical tools, and other utilities.
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